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I only wear my nails naturally, can I still get them done?

I do offer natural nail care services, in addition to enhancements! Everyone is welcome.

If I’m a new client, can I book a fill in?

No, because I use only one line of products I only work over my own work. Before scheduling, as a new client, you must come with either bare nails or schedule a soak off to accompany your appointment. 

Do you do SNS?

SNS stands for “Signature Nail System” which is just the name of the company that sells nail products. Referencing the picture, SNS IS in fact acrylic powder. There is absolutely no difference in the two. The activator/catalyst that is used is nail glue. SNS is not organic nor does it contain vitamins and minerals that make your nails grow. Keratin through a process of keratinization that occurs in the nail bed and cuticle, as the old cells push up and die, they harden thus growing your nails. So with all of that being said SNS isn’t healthier or better for your nails than acrylic. Your nails are dead and they don’t need to breathe.

If I don’t get SNS, what’s my alternative?

You can book for an acrylic overlay, which is the acrylic being applied only to the length of your natural nails. If you’d like added length you’d then schedule for a full set.

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